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One Day at a Time

I hope you find something here that makes you wonder and feel less alone in the world. 


Discover blog-thoughts.

Welcome to my blog. I write to heal, I write to process, and I write to get my ideas out of my head and I write songs. 

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About Me

Hey there! I'm Paige, a future social worker passionate about understanding mental health and advocating for wellness. Faith is the cornerstone of my life, fueling my purpose to spread kindness and compassion. As a sister and daughter, family ties are incredibly important to me, grounding me in love and support. Exploring the depths of human emotions through these creative outlets allows me to navigate life's complexities and express the beauty found within them. Delving into the mystical worlds of fantasy romance, I create tales that intertwine magic, love, and imagination. Through my poetry, I weave words that resonate with the heart, aiming to evoke emotions and introspection. In addition to my creative endeavors, my passion lies in understanding what shapes us and why we are the way we are. This fascination fuels my writing and my future aspirations in social work as I seek to make a positive impact on individuals' lives. Join me on this journey as we navigate the realms of fantasy, delve into the depths of human emotions through poetry, and explore the complexities of mental health and personal growth. Thank you for being a part of this adventure!

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