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My Soul Sister

“Seriously, having you as a roommate makes me believe there is a God.”  She said to me when we were talking on the phone last year.

Beautiful words from a beautiful person. She has dirty blonde hair that falls right below her shoulders. “I have never had anyone I felt I could share my feelings with.” she already knows me. My life without her now would not be bright. 

Trying to open a bottle of wine had only been entertaining once I met her. Vacuuming had only been engaging once I met her. She and I, in the club. Unstoppable. She is so vibrant and full of life and passion. Her love for others. Her temper. Everything about her is beautiful. To find someone who goes through the same struggle makes you love yourself. Because you think, “How could someone I love so much feel like this?” and then realize you are going through what she is, and you never want her to feel that way. And she never wants you to feel that way. I always feel better when talking with her.




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