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Under Love

Under Love:

I feel I have so much to say, but a violent force is holding me back. Call that the devil or lousy energy, but it is driven by hate, and its mission is to keep us fearful of the good things in love. Essentially and legitimately afraid of love. It's the only thing that keeps the world spinning, and it does. Because if there were NO LOVE LEFT then we would all be dead. If our hearts were empty, we would have no remorse. No empathy as an entire human population. So, no. Love is not lost. It is stronger than ever, so that means the battle will be harder. But that's what makes love so goddamn beautiful. It's so beautiful that my conscious brain doesn’t believe it. When you are infatuated, it is a weird feeling. I dream of laying on a green blanket in the park, looking at the stars while you hold me from behind and kiss me on my cheek. We talk and laugh all night. You look at me like I am what you’ve been searching for and found—the end of your quest to find the meaning of life. You lean in to kiss me with your melting smile, look at my lips, and scan my face. You are looking me in the eyes, grabbing my hair to move it out of my eyes while the other hand holds my face. You then kiss me softly and slowly. Filling in my body with electricity. Making me FINALLY and UNDOUBTEDLY believe that everything has energy and is connected. Love is hard to understand but so easy to feel. Don’t deny your feelings; they are there for many reasons. 



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